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A Sigler is a co-founder of Dark Øverlord Media, along with Scott Sigler. A operates as the "publisher," scheduling the fiction projects, coordinating editing, print publication and eBook production, and also manages strategic partnerships. In short, if a task doesn't involve fiction writing or being loud and obnoxious, it probably falls to A.
A Sigler

What's her real name?

A. Just "A." Blame her hippy parents. They named her with the thought that "she could pick her own name when she was ready." Sadly, this is the one area in A's life where she is lazy. She never picked one. The FDO™ campaigned for A to legally change her name to "Face-Melting Nuclear Assassin" Sigler, but A opted instead to continue waiting. Someday, perhaps, she will choose one.

What's her middle name?

B. This wiki shits you not. Her legal name is "A B Sigler."


In order to dodge law enforcement in four states, A has had to assume several nom-de-plumes. Here is a partial list.

  • "Director of Døøm"
  • ARealGirl
  • A2thaMuthaFuckin' K (From her days in Compton - Ice Cube actually wrote a song about her)
  • Face-Melting Nuclear Assassin
  • "The Bitch"
  • Она, Кого Не будут Называть (the CIA will not elaborate on this)

Former Lives

Before she flushed away every last minute of free time in existence by going into business with Scott Sigler, A was already a Founding Partner at Audacity Events, a San Diego based event planning and management company. (A position she still holds, believe it or not.) Before that, she was a clinical research chemist, focused on lifestyle drugs to treat things-that-won’t-kill-you such as hayfever, excema, and erectile dysfunction.


A is a rabid movie geek, Doctor Who fan, and science nerd. She volunteers in several women-forward and science-oriented organizations in San Diego where she lives.