Angela Stuart

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Angela Stuart
Book(s) The Crypt
Introduced Episode 13.1
Gender Female
Age unknown
Occupation Military Service
Species Heavy-G Human
Fan Name No
Military Service
Allegiance Planetary Union
Branch Navy
of Service
Newly enlisted
Rank Captain
Assignment Combat Surgeon ("Greyhound")
Stationed P.U.V. Gilchrist
Battles/Wars n/a
Awards n/a
Injuries n/a

Angela Stuart is a character in the novel titled The Crypt by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode 13.1 of the serialized podcast.

Character Background

Angela is a Heavy-G woman who grew up on the Low-G Hampshire Node in the Neptune Net Colony. Her father and mother are both deceased however she has a "sister" named Dominique. Dominique had a hand in the death of two members of the Colony and that action along with her “sister’s” interference in Angela's relationships, caused Angela to deeply dislike her. Angela was ostracized in the Colony and was extremely excited to leave for the Planetary Union Naval Academy in the Jupiter Colony, where she was going to study to be a doctor and an officer.

In the Academy, they didn’t care how you looked but valued educational prowess as well as the proficiency of completing the job at hand. She received medical training as well as training in hand to hand combat, and weapons training. Angela enjoyed the lectures and loved the cleanliness and orderliness of the Academy.

She learned this history of the group of specialized doctors she was about to join during a lecture in Colonel Terry Vernon’s class. She learned it was Colonel Vernon herself, that lobbied the creation of a new classification of military doctors twelve years prior after realizing the need of having the doctor go to the patient rather than the patient coming to the doctor. Colonel Vernon argued that modern warfare creates wounds that are fatal if a real doctor is available nearby on the combat field. She won approval from Fleet Admiral Epperson to create the experimental classification of doctors named the 68-G Combat Surgeons or The Greyhounds. The Greyhounds were trained to act in situations on land, sea, air, low orbit, ship bourn, station bourn, even in open space. They were mission adaptable rapid response doctors at home in every environment and able to act autonomously. However, as other sentient species did not distinguish between infantry or medical personnel on the field of battle, The Greyhounds were considered combat troops as well and were armed and expected to fight when necessary. During this lecture, Angela was introduced to fellow trainee, Michael Levy, who in time became her boyfriend.

At her graduation ceremony, Michael introduced Angela to his uncle, Fleet Admiral Epperson. She learned from the Admiral that Michael and his family came from a long line of military commanders. It was further revealed that both Angela and Michael were recommended by Admiral Epperson to serve on the destroyer named the P.U.V. Gilchrist.

Angela's first mission was to the Saturn Net Colony to put down a gas harvester revolt. Her second mission was taking part in the P.U.V Gilchrist boarding of a Ki Rebel Alliance ship. Angela's third engagement was a mission to provide medical support for the attack on the P.U.V. Blackmouth by Purist Nation forces. The Purists were boarding the Blackmouth and The Greyhounds entered under brutal fighting that was causing the Blackmouth to lose control of the ship to the Purists. When the fighting worsened and Angela and her squad were trapped aboard the Blackmouth, Angela allowed her "sister", Dominique, to take over in order to save the lives of her squad.


Outward Appearance

Angela is a young, Heavy-G woman. Growing up on a Low-G planet, she was physically much larger than the rest of the populace and overall, looked very different. This caused the people of the node to be less accepting of her. People often pointed at her or laughed at her, calling her ugly.


Angela has a shy demeanor which was cultivated after many years of being shunned in the Neptune Net Colony. Both her difference in appearance and the infamy of her sister Dominique caused her to be ostracized in the Colony and fueled her shy demeanor. There is no love lost between Angela and sister as Dominique's actions were part of the reason the people of the Neptune Net Colony disliked Angela. Angela also displayed low self esteem due to her treatment by the Colony. When she fell in love with her classmate, Michael Levy, she had difficulty understanding how he could love her even though he was not a Heavy-G man.

However, her shyness could be roused into action when someone she cared about was under duress. As an example, Angela politely but firmly stood up for her boyfriend, Michael Levy, when his uncle, Fleet Admiral Epperson, voiced his displeasure over Michael becoming a combat surgeon rather than a commanding officer. She risked offending Admiral Epperson but hazarded the confrontation in order to protect the man she loved.

Angela also appears to possibly exhibit some unstable mental behavior as she speaks to her "sister" in her head and can allow her "sister" to take control of her actions. She often struggles to contain her "sister's" desires when she feels conflicted.

Co-Authored Character

Continuing in his innovative writing style, the character of Angela Stuart was the result of a collaboration between authors Scott Sigler and Tabitha Alasdair Stuart. The character carries the surname of co-author Alasdair Stuart in order to easily track the character through the story progression.

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