Antwone Williams

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Antwone Williams
Book(s) The Crypt
Introduced Episode One
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Military Service
Species Human
Fan Name Yes
Military Service
Allegiance Planetary Union
Branch Navy
of Service
Rank Captain
Assignment Commanding Officer
Stationed P.U.V. Gilchrist
Battles/Wars *Second Galactic War
*The Battle of Asteroid X7
Injuries Executed

Antwone Williams is a character in the novel The Crypt by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode one of the podcast.

Character Background

Captain Antwone Williams was just a tour away from achieving the rank of Admiral and handpicked Commander Travis Ellis as his successor on the P.U.V. Gilchrist. Commander Ellis was chosen because of his stellar military achievements including exemplary service in the Second Galactic War as an Executive Officer (XO) on the P.U.V. Germsheed. However, plans for Cpt. Williams' retirement and the succession of Commander Ellis were derailed by the events that took place during The Battle of Asteroid X7 on July 15, 2557, which led to the death of 50 percent of the crew.

The Gilchrist was first to respond to a distress call from the P.U.V. Blackmouth, which was under attack from Purist Nation forces. When the Gilchrist arrived, Nation marines had taken control of the Blackmouth, and blasted the Gilchrist with a surprise salvo that nearly crippled the vessel. Captain Williams made the decision to abandon the Blackmouth, saving the Gilchrist and what remained of its crew. Soon after, reports filtered out that the Nation marines raped and butchered the crew of the Blackmouth, earning the vessel the nickname “The Rape Ship.”

Although William’s action saved his ship and half of his crew, he and Ellis were charged with and convicted of three serious crimes that were punishable by death. Cpt. Williams was initially sentenced by Admiral Adrienne Boock to Execution by Venting but was given an alternative sentencing of serving a two year tour on the P.U.V. James Keeling at his existing position. Cpt. Williams declined the alternative sentencing indicating that he, "prefer[red] to go to heaven than spend two years in hell." Because Williams chose execution over serving on the Keeling, Commander Ellis was promoted on the spot to Captain and Commanding Officer.


Outward Appearance

While descriptions of Cpt. Williams are sparse it can be assumed that he was an older man, based on his rank and tenure in the service.


Little is known about Cpt. Williams’ personality however, he did demonstrate strong religious beliefs at his sentencing.


Due to the events that took place during The Battle of Asteroid X7, Ellis was found guilty of the following crimes:

  • Cowardice in the face of battle
  • Gross dereliction of duty
  • Disobeying a direct order in battle

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