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Arioch in his Kraken's jersey

Arioch was introduced to podcasts when his brother gave him a sampler CD of some random 'casts. At first he didn't really see the point. It simply didn't click that you could sign up for just about any type of content and have commercial free audio automatically download into iTunes on a regular basis. In October of 2006, he discovered

He immediately fell in love with the concept that Evo Terra has created there. Talk about turning the traditional publishing model on its head! You can download complete audiobooks absolutely free. After you've listened to whatever you choose, then you decide if it's worth paying for. If it was crap (or you're a cheap bastard) you pay nothing. If you think the material merits renumeration, make a donation. The author gets 75% of whatever you give. That's way more than they'd ever get at a traditional publishing house.

Arioch found Scott's work that same month. Ancestor was the third book he listened to on It remains one of his favorite novels to this day. After Ancestor, he listened to Earthcore and Infection, the pre-cursor to Infected. By this time, Arioch had subscribed to Scott's RSS feed and couldn't get enough. He had become a hard core Junkie. He became psyched anytime Scott was a guest author on another podcast. He'd learned that Scott was one of the best authors in the podosphere.

Arioch first connected with Scott when he offered to produce the Bloodcast onto for our beloved FDO. Arioch has worked with Scott and Evo Terra to produce Bloodcast Season 1, Bloodcast Season 2, Infected, Contagious, Nocturnal, The Rookie Re-Mastered, and The Crypt Book 01: The Crew onto

Arioch was overjoyed when he was granted MastaPimp status in 2008. He was integrally involved in the 2009 Rookie Tailgate Tour where Scott drove around the country promoting the hardcover release of The Rookie by Dark Øverlord Media. He took the original sound files and re-mastered them so the Junkies would have the best possible listening experience to go along with the book. Arioch was ecstatic when he learned that he was being assimilated into Døm in February of 2010.

Arioch assumed the production duties for Scott's Parsec entries after they began working together. Five of Team Sigler's submissions emerged as finalists in 2008. Scott returned home with his first Parsec for Best Speculative Fiction Story (Short Form) for Red Man that year. This award was long overdue, being as prior to this conspirators within the industry had long denied General Siglerisimo this much sought after honor. In 2009, Team Sigler submitted six entries to the steering committee. Three of Scott's gems survived the gauntlet this time around and landed in the 2009 finals. Team Sigler came back triumphant for the second year in a row with a win for Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novella Form) for EuSocial Networking. In 2010, Team Sigler only had four creations nominated for a Parsec, but all of them were selected as 2010 finalists. Everyone on the team was stunned when we pulled off a hat trick and came home from Atlanta with the 2010 Best Speculative Fiction Story (Short Form) Parsec Award for The Tank.

Arioch assisted with editing and proofreading for The Starter in 2010. He has recently begun editing, producing, and performing Tuesday Terror, a fan generated anthology podcast based in the Siglerverse. Arioch continues to assist our FDO and the lovely A Kovacs with miscellaneous aspects of production and plans to do so for the foreseeable future. He is a proud member of Team Sigler and Dark Øverlord Media.

B44 w/Harveys & Phantom
B44 in 2010 - Orangeslaught