Big Wayne's Island

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Big Wayne's Island is a continent on the planet Vosor 7.

Points of Interest

Big Wayne's Island is a little larger than Australia on Earth. Isolated by violent oceans, it evolved a set of fauna drastically different from elsewhere on VeeSeven.

Big Game

Big Wayne's Island features multiple forms of mega fauna, some creatures topping 30 metric tons in size. The continent is known as the "Hunter's Paradise," because much of the fauna is capable of stalking and killing human hunters. The quadrupedal predator know as "The Ebony Wolf," in particular, is among the most prized game animals in the universe. It is estimated that for every three Ebony Wolves killed in the wild, Ebony Wolves kill one hunter.

Dominant Predator

The Ebony Wolf is an indigenous life form and a super predator, capable of digesting every form of life known in the universe. It is theorized that The Givers, or a species similar to The Givers, conducted genetic development experiments on the life forms of Big Wayne's Island. Theoretically, no species should be able to digest lifeforms from so many different worlds, yet the Ebony Wolf can do just that.

One Ebony Wolf is legendary, even among the VeeSeven locals. "Black Betty" is rumored to be twice as large as the biggest wolf ever bagged. Unconfirmed sightings put her at the size of an Earth Clydesdale, six feet at the shoulder and over 2,000 pounds. Like all wolves, her neck is the same length as her body, topped by a head that those same sightings estimate at four feet long and two feet wide.

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