Bigg Diggers

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Bigg Diggers
Logo BigDiggers.jpg
Team Colors Gray & Blue
Planet Whitok
System Quyth Concordia
Stadium EA&M Stadium
Field Color Pale yellow with black lines
Team Owner Bigg the Peddler
2682 Record
2683 Record
2684 Record
2685 Record
R- Relegated; P-Playoffs; C-Champ

The Big Diggers is a Tier 2 Galactic Football League (GFL) team mentioned within the storyline of the novel The Rookie by author Scott Sigler.

The Ionath Krakens play against the Big Diggers as well as several other teams within the Quyth Irradiated League.

EA&M Stadium

EA&M stadium is even larger than the Stadium on Ionath. Home to the Bigg Diggers, it has a seating capacity for 181,500 sentients. EA&M stadium has a pale yellow playing surface with black lines and numbers. The plant that makes up the field is considered to be oily making for poor traction and stained uniforms. As the surface of planet is perpetually darkened from the gases released into the atmosphere, it is said that beings on Whitok take football very seriously.

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