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Bonehead is an ancillary character in the novel Nocturnal by Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode 22 of the podcast version of the novel.

Character Background

Bonehead is a member of the San Fransisco area cult known as Marie's Children. In episode 22, Bonehead kills a Russian by straddling him and headbutting him with his massive skull. As he is urinating on the corpse, Spidey enters and they proceed to have an argument about who actually killed the man.

First Born describes Bonehead as being the youngest on the raid, and Bonehead himself reveals he is only 16 when being tortured by Bryan.



Bonehead's real name is not known, he is only referred to by his nickname.

Outward Appearance

Bonehead is described as having a two-foot wide head sitting on top of a regular sized body. The head is bald and craterous, and the author describes it as not made of bone, but a hard callus. The author also says his eyes look beady in comparison to his huge head. In episode 22, he is wearing a large black leather trench coat instead of a blanket.


Bonehead is only 16 years old, and hence is young enough to completely believe the stories about The King. When he enters home after killing the Russians, he is visibly bouncing on his toes with excitement. In the Jessup's basement, Bonehead pleads for his life at Bryan's mercy, but shows himself to be so loyal to his brethren that he kills himself rather than revealing their home.


Bonehead prefers to kill his enemies by straddling their bodies and smashing them with his enormous head.


After intense interrogation, Bonehead commits suicide when Bryan Clauser inquires about the location of Marie's Children. He killed himself with the knife Bryan had stabbed through his hands, twisting his hands so when he fell backward, Bonehead impaled himself on the knife.