Brocka the Razor-Barbed

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Brocka the Razor-Barbed
Book(s) Title Fight
Introduced Episode Four
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation GFA Fighter
Species Quyth
Fan Name No

Brocka the Razor-Barbed is a character in the novella Title Fight co-authored by Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace. The character is initially introduced in episode five of the serialized podcast.

Character Background

Brocka the Razor-Barbed was a fighter in the Galactic Fighting Association (GFA) who at one time held the heavyweight championship title. Brocka’s life took a turn when a chance meeting between himself and fellow GFA fighter Chaiyal North determined his long term fate.

Brocka and three Quyth warriors were in a bar when Chaiyal entered, his spirits running high after having just won the Crusaders championship fight. While most people were excited to see Chaiyal in the bar, Brocka and his friends weren't happy to see him. Upon seeing Chaiyal, Brocka called him a "school yard bully" in the Quyth language. Incensed, Chaiyal started a bar brawl, but having never fought a Quyth, was beaten within an inch of his life. Three years later, Brocka the Razor-Barbed and Chaiyal North met in the octagon for the GFA championship. In the first minute of the fight, Brocka was outmatched by Chaiyal’s swift and brutal attack. Brocka could have lasted longer in the match but he refused to walk on all four in front of the human challenger. As a result, Chaiyal broke Brocka’s back to win the fight, then broke the warrior's carapace, pried out his heart, squeezed it, then took a bite out of it.

Brocka would never know it but Chaiyal respected him more than any other living being. Chaiyal would consider him his first teacher and would honor him for the rest of his life.


It is assumed Brocka the Razor-Barbed would have a manager, physician and an electrical man, however no details of his other team members have been given.

Fight Record

Brocka the Razor-Barbed's GFA career is not currently known.


Outward Appearance

Brocka the Razor-Barbed is a Quyth fighter.

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