Buddha City Station

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Buddha City Station is an orbital station in a group of planetary holdings comprising the Purist Nation. References to station are made through several of Scott Silger's novels, including Title Fight, The Rookie and The Starter.


Buddha City is a 57 deck station that orbits the planet Allah. Allah is considered to be the seat of the Purist Nation and therefore makes Buddha City an important place. Even more important is the fact that Buddha City Station is the only place in the Purist Nation where non-human races are allowed to mingle with Purists. The allowance of non-human races on Buddha City Station seems directly contradictory to the Purist Nation tennent of not mix with the sub-species, however Purists justified this allowance by dubbing it as an "outreach" effort to create interactions with the sub-species.

The station is defended by the all-human police force called the Buddha Greens. The green reference comes from the emerald colored uniforms they wear.


The station is seen by many as a glaring example of the corruption that exists throughout all levels of the Purist Nation government and religion. Corruption is allowed to flourish because it is very profitable.

One manifestation of this rule bending can be seen in the mix of races present on Buddha City Station. Buddha City orbits the central Purist Nation planet of Allah. It's allowed for the different races to mix on Buddha City because the Purist Nation rules state that aliens aren't allowed on Allah's surface. This is tolerated because even the radicals realize that the Purist Nation economy can't sustain itself without at least some official out-system trade.

Another manifestation of corruption on the station comes in the form of the Buddha Greens. The Buddha Greens acted more like highway men than a police force, beating the sub-species without fear of reprisal and extorting money out of the station inhabitants in exchange for protection services.

Tang Arena

Tang Arena is located on Buddha City Station and hosts marquis events for the Purist Nation, particularly when there are other races involved. One such well known event, was the Crusaders Promotion mixed martial arts (MMA) top title of First Templar. The Crusaders championship holo-cast is the largest event in the Purist Nation next to PNFL Championships and often brings out the Purist Nation elite, such as Stedmar Osborne of Mining Colony VI. The most well known title fight involved the 11-0 Chiyal "The Holy Hammer" North which ended in a frenzy when he beat his opponent in 39 seconds.

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