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The list below reflects the names of fans who have had their names used as charaters in Scott Sigler's novel, The All-Pro: Galactic Football League Volume 3. A complete list to links for fan names used in other Scott Sigler novel can be found here.

Fan Name User Name Fan Image Character Part
Ian Bahas Parp555 Fan Unknown.png Dinolition rider - Roughland Ridgebacks
Jason Banks Jay_Otaku22 Fan Unknown.png Defensive Tackle - Coranadillana Cloud Killers
Mitch Barchi MitchB1990 Fan Unknown.png Quarterback - Vik Vanguard
Bob Brobst ApexMI Fan ApexMI.jpg Bodyguard of Gredok the Splithead
Jeanine Carbonaro Belladonna420 Fan Belladonna420.gif Sister of Quentin Barnes
Critter Clark alaskancritter Fan Unknown.png Dinolition rider - Roughland Ridgebacks
Michael Cogan Curzon79 Fan Unknown.png Linebacker - Wabash Wolfpack
Col-Que-Hon was user 6752 necol66 Fan Unknown.png Defensive End - Wabash Wolfpack (Named for Neil Colquhoun)
E-Coo-Lee paul_e_cooley Fan Unknown.png Defensive Tackle - Vik Vanguard, Named for Paul E. Cooley
Ricky Craig Mr Fahrenheit Fan Mr Fahrenheit.jpg Linebacker - Wabash Wolfpack
Rich Evanko SurferD Fan Unknown.png Tight End - New Rodina Astronauts
Mary Garrett VKNGLVR13 Fan VKNGLVR13.jpg Influential person on The Reef
Michael Grace GeeRace Fan Unknown.png Defensive End - D'Kow War Dogs
Rachel Guestford GJ Fan guestford junkie.jpg Commissioner of Dinolition
Graham Harting zigzag73 Fan zigzag73.gif Center - To Pirates
Steve Henry was user 7550 TheNutofRed Fan TheNutofRed.gif Offensive Tackle - Alimum Armada
Eddy Jones ThMaggot Fan Unknown.png Kicker - Bartel Water Bugs
Jon Kaneshiro numbknuckle Fan Unknown.png Defensive Tackle - Orbiting Death
Tony Koester deathbyFDO Fan Unknown.png Dinolition rider - Roughland Ridgebacks
Tara the Freak freakazoid101 Fan Unknown.png Wide Receiver - Ionath Krakens, Named for Tara Kubba
Katie Lampkin floridagirl99k Fan Unknown.png Coach - Vik Vanguard
Danny Lundy dozier1375 Fan dozier1375.gif Sports Agent for Quentin Barnes
Chris Maler thegreenman Fan Unknown.png Defensive Tackle - Neptune Scarlet Fliers
Mik-Gar-E archetekt Fan Unknown.png Offensive Guard - Sheb Stalkers, Named for Anthony McGarry
Matt McRoberts Nemesis0 Fan Nemesis0.jpg Outside Linebacker - Orbiting Death
Justin Miller Unalive Fan Unknown.png Defensive Tackle - Wabash Wolfpack
Declan Murphy NightHawK Fan Unknown.png Pro Golfer represented by sports agent Danny Lundy
Cassie Nauer Insignificant Blood Splatter Fan Insignificant Blood Splatter.gif [REDACTED]
Rand Owen CaRAZY_bOnEs Fan Unknown.png Left Outside Linebacker - Wabash Wolfpack
Steve Owens frank47 Fan Unknown.png Defensive End - D'Kow War Dogs
Paul Preston bandit Fan Unknown.png Defensive End - Bord Brigands
Richard Read sotonrich Fan sotonrich.jpg Quarterback - Coranadillana Cloud Killers
Louis Schwitzer possumcowboy Fan Unknown.png Quarterback - Jang Atom Smashers
Zeus the Ram zeusram Fan Unknown.png Linebacker - D'Kow War Dogs, Named for Chris Short
Mars Smith Marcella Fan Unknown.png Cornerback - Wabash Wolfpack
Kendra Stansak cobrastarship99 Fan Unknown.png Creator of first facticia phasmatis
Richard Vinje avinjer Fan avinjer.jpg [REDACTED]
Morite Whittmore morite Fan Unknown.png Backup Quarterback - Yall Criminals
Scott Wilson Indie slayer Fan Unknown.png Running Back - Isis Ice Storm
Fan Name User Name Fan Image Character Part

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