Chiyal North

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Chiyal "The Heretic" North
Book(s) Title Fight
Introduced Episode Two
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation GFA Fighter
Species Human
Fan Name No

Chiyal "The Heretic" North is a character in the novella titled Title Fight by co-authored by Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace. The character is initially introduced in episode two of the serialized podcast.

Character Background

North was raised the son of a Purist Nation minister. His father named him Chiyal which means "solider" in one of the old faith tongues. His father did this so he could point to Chiyal while preaching and call him God's little soldier. His father would challenge his congregation to wrestle his scrawny, fourteen year old son, using him as a grappler in his act. As his father went on about the power of the High One imbued in his son, his helpers collected money for bets from the congregation. At first his father fixed the fights but soon realized Chiyal was so strong that it wasn't necessary.

Chiyal only cared about fighting, not about religion or money so the Crusaders promotion offered his father a twenty fight contract for Chiyal, he was eager to go. It was an opportunity for Chiyal to test his skills against real fighters and for him to break free from his father's ministry. In less than a year with the Crusaders, Chiyal decimated the heavyweight ranks, earning an 11-0 record and the nickname "The Holy Hammer". His incredible record, allowed him to fight for the Crusaders top title of First Templar at Tang Arena in Buddha City. The Crusaders championship holo-cast was the largest event in the Purist Nation next to PNFL Championships and Chiyal got the chance to meet the Purist Nation elite, such as Stedmar Osborne of Mining Colony VI. Chiyal sent the attendees into a frenzy when he beat his opponent in 39 seconds.

After winning the fight, Chiyal wanted one last drink and randomly picked a bar. While most people to excited to see him in the bar, he ran into three Quyth warriors who weren't. One by the name of Brocka the Razor-Barbed called Chiyal a "school yard bully" in the Quyth language which led Chiyal to start a bar brawl. Having never fought a Quyth, Chiyal was beaten to within an inch of his life. This altercation caused Chiyal to bust his contract with the Crusaders and leave the Purist Nation. Three years later, Chiyal fought Brocka for the GFA championship. In the first minute of the fight, Chiyal dealt out a swift and brutal attack but Brocka refused to walk on all fours in front of the human challenger and that led to his death. Chiyal broke Brocka's back to win the fight, then broke the Quyth warrior's carapace, pried out his heart, squeezed it, then took a bite out of it.


North was trained and guided by Marcus Diablo, who was also a former GFA fighter. While it is assumed North would also have a physician and an electrical man, no details of his other team members have been given.

Fight Record


North's record reflected 12 wins and no losses after winning the First Templar title. Subsequent to winning the title, North quit the Purist Crusader Promotion in favor of the Galactic Fighting Association (GFA).


Details of North's career GFA record is not currently known.


Outward Appearance

Chiyal North is a Human fighter. He is described as having an ancient Earth mohawk warrior with inverted crosses painted on either side of his head. He also painted inverted crosses on his shoulder pauldron and on his codpiece over his shorts. His team wore tunics with the words "The Heretic" written across the back.


As previously mentioned, Chiyal prized only his fighting career. Religion, family, racism, money, and titles meant nothing to him. His only desire was to fight and win against the best fighters in the galaxy. Chiyal would do anything to get the fight he wanted including spewing Purist racist remarks against his opponent, even though he didn't follow or believe in the Purist Religion.

Chiyal also believed in the warrior spirit - something the Quyth prize as well. This meant that he believed in the honor of the battle and that it was acceptable to kill a beaten opponent. This belief lead Chiyal to kill Brocka the Razor-Barbed in such a brutal fashion at the end of their bout. It also led Chiyal to respect Brocka for the beating he gave Chiyal during their initial meeting at a bar. Chiyal considered Brocka his first teacher and would honor him for the rest of his life, although he would never admit it to another living being.

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