Dew Phillips

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Dew Phillips
Book(s) Infected
Gender Male
Occupation CIA Operative
Species Human
Fan Name No

Dew Phillips is a fictional character appearing in Scott Sigler’s novels Infected and Contagious.

Character Background

Phillips is an operative for the United States Central Intelligence Agency(CIA). The character appears in both Infected and Contagious. He reports to Murray Longworth and is the main operative involved in investigating the outbreak of the Triangles. Phillips and Longworth have a history together as they served on the same unit in the Vietnam War. During conversations between the two characters Longworth refers to Phillips as "Top", a common military nickname for the senior non-commissioned officer at any given orginizational level. Based on Phillips' own retelling of a firefight involving one of his soldiers in Contagious, it can be assumed that he was a Platoon Sergeant, most likely of rank E-6 or E-7.

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