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Dinolition was a blood sport that was popular on the fringes of the Galaxy during the 27th century.

Game Basics

The sport involved two teams mounted on their beast of choice that faced each other for three rounds on a unique field. The teams had specified weight limits that allowed them to bring in mounts of various sizes in order to complete the varied matches that were presented to them. Frequently, there was the additional stipulation that any player demounted would not be able to be replaced. The contest lasted for three rounds, where the challenge for each round was decided by spinning a wheel with twenty game options. During the three rounds the competitors never know what game will come up. Each of the twenty games required different strategies for each game - sometimes they needed mass; sometimes they needed speed; sometimes they needed both.

The field, referred to as the pitch, was larger and rounder than football field and when not used for Dinolition, it was usually used for the obscure sport of Cricket. The dirt oval playing field had the shape of a shallow bowl and was surrounded by twenty foot high enclosures made out of crysteel. Similar to 20th century ice hockey, excited fans frequently pounded on the glass to cheer the athletes on.

The Spectacle

Dinolition was just as much about spectacle as it was sport. Before introducing the contestants, the arena walls would recede, allowing a hover platform to slide out and float to mid field. Upon the platform was the Wheel and the host, which were flanked by three humans and two HeavyG’s dressed in red and gold braided uniforms. They carried long brass trumpets that had red banners dangling from them and matching their uniforms.

At the ends of the stadium, about fifteen rows were cut away to make room for ornate thirty foot high doors. It is from these doors that the contestants would enter, riding their mounts. The captains of the teams are introduced and much fanfare is made.

The Wheel

The contest involves three rounds that are decided by the Wheel. The Wheel is a tall wheel shaped board that shows twenty pie-like sections, representing fourteen different games, with each game represented by a different color. Certain games have multiple representation on the board, such as Joust and Dismount, which each have three slices on the wheel. In the novel, The All-Pro, three of the fourteen games are referenced. In the novella, The Rider, four additional games are mentioned. In an early draft of The Rider, one additional game was mentioned, but it was removed due to a continuity error. The known games are:

  • Dismount (3 slices on the wheel)
  • Capture the Flag
  • Four Laps
  • Push-ball (does not appear in canonical text)
  • Tug-of-War
  • Goal-Line
  • Joust (3 slices on the wheel)
  • Steal-the-Mount


Roughland Ridgebacks

The Roughland Ridgebacks are a popular Dinolition team from Roughland, New Rodina. In 2684, they were led by their captain, Poughkeepsie Pete, and his favorite mount, Old Bess the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Red and black were the team colors which was displayed on both Old Bess’ head to toe in red armor and Poughkeepsie Pete’s ornate, black and red armor. Pete would ride behind the head of Old Bess on a leather saddle while carrying a long, black lance. He was a squat, human man but his size didn’t matter as he was protected by high tech armor made to look ancient and covered in runes and scrolls and filigree decorated by endorsements. Because of Old Bess’ large mass, Pete would often use three other mounts on smaller dinosaurs as speedsters. In 2684, Pete’s additional teammates were Tony Koester, Critter Clark and Ian Bahas.

Reef Stompers

The Reef Stompers are from The Reef in the Outer Reaches, but play their home games on Newton, in the League of Planets. In 2684, they were led by a rider who was a Quyth leader. His mount was a four legged creature called a Spiderbear, which had one eye and two pedipalps ending in sharp pinchers.

Chachanna Resurrected

The Chachanna Resurrected are one of the newest and well-funded Dinolition teams. Though they are from Chachanna, in the Sklorno Dynasty, they play their home games on Baker 6 in the League of Planets.

Frontier Ancients

The Frontier Ancients are a team based on [Wilson 4] in the League of Planets. One of their riders, Dominque Walker, suffered permanent crippling brain damage as a result of a kick to the head from Critter Clark's mount, Missy, during a game.

Vosor 3 Gargantuans

Rodina Devastators

Loppu Ogres

New Tokyo Zillas


Team captain Yim Guiying rides a Tarbosaurus named Patch (deceased, killed by the Chachanna Resurrected's mimtai).


Points of Interest

  • The high tech armor worn by the mounts protects the athletes in many ways. In the event that the athlete fell from his mount, there were small rockets that could be engaged to slow his descent. If the athlete was eaten by a competitor’s mount, the armor could shift to a more compact and round shape, sealing the athlete in. The armor had two days of oxygen which would allow the animals to excrete or vomit the eaten riders out. Armor could also, “turtle-up”, like a turtle shell which would protect the rider if he was knocked off his mount and into a commotion. The armor would then unfold once it was safe.
  • Riders were allowed to use hand-wielded weapons such as a war hammer.


Dinolition events were held as close as Wilson 6, in the League of Planets, and as far away as The Reef. On Wilson 6, Dinolition events were held at the Smithwicks arena, near the city of New Rodina. The arena had a 40,000 sentient capacity equipped with holoscreens for capturing close up action. Because the League of Planets had the most HeavyG citizens of all the governments, their laws prohibited racism against the large size of HeavyG persons. This meant that sporting facilities, such as Smithwicks arena accommodated HeavyG people by constructing the arena seats larger than the usual Human sized seats.

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