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Dmitri "the Nail" Vasillof is a character in the novel Nocturnal by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode seventeen of the audio version of Nocturnal (Rough Draft).

Character Background

Dmitri Vasillof is the number two person in the Russian Mafia's Los Angeles operation. He is poised to take over for old man Zobekov who had been driven out of San Francisco by Frank Lanza's father. For him to be able to take over he must take back San Francisco for the Russian mafia.

It is rumored that Dmitri is ex KGB and that when the Russian military downsized in the 90's he was brought on by the Russian mafia as an enforcer. It was looked at as a lateral move for him baiting and killing for one gang instead of another. He was known for being ruthless and systematic. Killing the target was not enough he would kill any family member he could find even at times going so far as to kill friends and neighbors. When he went out west he scaled back his actions to only periodically killing off the entire family. But his willingness to still kill off an entire family was enough for the entire west coast to be afraid of him.

In episode seventeen, Vasillof met with Frank Lanza in La Rocha's Corner Tavern. Vasillof references the activities Lanza has had performed by Marie's Children, though he does not know who Lanza is having perform these actions. It becomes very clear that Vasillof needed to take San Francisco if he wanted to take over for Zobekov.

In episode twenty one, Vasillof sets a decoy for Marie's Children were sent to take him and his people out in one of their safe houses. While that attack is going on Vasillof is making his way to La Rocha's Corner Tavern. Vasillof counts on Frank Lanza having too little protection as he attempts to make a hit on him. He and his men are unsuccessful at killing Lanza. But they did injure him.

Known Associates

  • Gennaday Ivanovich: Dmitri's #2 man
  • Pavil "Fat Boy" Rakhmanov: muscle (wounded in the hit attempt on Frank Lanza)
  • Igor "The Idiot" Stuchka: a driver)
  • "Old Man" Zobokov: The kingpin of Los Angeles Russian Mafia



The author refers to this character as Dmitri "the Nail" Vasillof. But generally does not use the nickname of the character.

Outward Appearance

Has a diamond in his tooth.


From the information given of Dmitri Vasillof, He seems to be extremely ruthless, ambitious, and cunning. He tends to be fairly blunt in his conveyance of emotions. While it is rare it is clear that Vasillof has a sense of humor most clearly displayed by his Verizon Wireless joke in episode twenty-one. It is fairly obvious from his past history that he sees only one outcome and that is his success and others failure and inevitably death.

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