Dr. Erun Wellington

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Dr. Erun Wellington
Book(s) The Crypt
Introduced Episode Fourteen
Gender Male
Age 96
Occupation Scientist
Species Human
Fan Name No
Military Service
Allegiance League of Planets
Branch Science
of Service
Rank n/a
Assignment n/a
Stationed LPV Shi Kubonik
Battles/Wars n/a
Awards n/a
Injuries unknown

Dr. Erun Wellington is a character in the novel titled The Crypt by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode fourteen of the serialized podcast. Episode 14 aired on the 9th day of Cryptmas. It was posted on January 3rd, 2010.

Character Background

Dr. Erun Wellington was raised with his sister Bethany Wellington in the League of Planets. Both Wellingtons showed increased intellectual capacity at an early age. They eventually both became Scients.

Gertrude 6 mission

Information stolen from the Planetary Union indicated that Professor James Keeling was searching for a specific alloy resonance echo. Dr. Wellington and The League Of Planets believed that the echo belonged to an alien artifact. The Wellingtons were tasked with locating and recovering the artifact before Keeling could obtain it. When the alloy resonance scan was detected on Gertrude 6, the Wellingtons traveled there on the LPV Shi Kubonik, a scientific research vessel.

During the Gertrude 6 mission, the LPV Shi Kubonik was destroyed by a sudden kinetic force. There is no data available on the events following the destruction of the LPV Shi Kubonik. The bathysphere was also hit by the same inexorable kinetic force which caused Erun to both accidentally kill his sister Bethany and sever his own arm. While his arm was lost to the Grizzit, Erun was able to save his mind.

Current whereabouts

The group mind node, Cynthia Pochinski, severed the tether of Wellington’s bathysphere and sent it on an orbital trajectory. This would have preserved Wellington’s research and any onboard samples. If the bathysphere was sent into orbit by the group mind node, then Dr. Wellington would have died when the bathysphere’s hull collapsed.

Dr. Wellington is currently missing and presumed dead.


Outward Appearance

Like all Scients in the League of Planets, Dr. Wellington neglected his physical body to concentrate on his mind. As a result, his physical body has an emaciated appearance and is weak from underuse.

Over the course of his life, Dr. Wellington had installed a variety of bio-links and body modifications. His most prominent upgrade was the Artificients Brain Management System™, which is visible on the top of his cranium. This system managed his brain functions and connected him directly with group mind nodes.


Dr. Wellington is egotistical and competitive. He craves recognition for his scientific achievements and intellectual superiority.


Dr. Wellington was a galactic historian, xeno-archaeologist, and amateur neurologist. His scientific skill was unmatched in the League of Planets. His chief scientific rival was Professor James Keeling.

Co-Authored Character

The character of Dr. Erun Wellington was the result of a collaboration between authors Scott Sigler and David Wellington.

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