Dystopia Triptych

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The Dystopia Triptych
Volume 1: Ignorance Is Strength
Volume 2: Burn The Ashes
Volume 3: Or Else The Light

Series Synopsis

The Dystopia Triptych is a series of three anthologies of dystopian fiction. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH—before the dystopia—focuses on society during its descent into absurdity and madness. BURN THE ASHES—during the dystopia—turns its attention to life during the strangest, most dire times. OR ELSE THE LIGHT—after the dystopia—concludes the saga with each author sharing their own vision of how we as a society might crawl back from the precipice of despair.

Books in the Series

Book One: Ignorance Is Strength

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." George Orwell once wrote of a world where abuse of power begins with an abuse of language and a bastardization of truth. Some of today's most exciting voices in speculative fiction explore the ramifications of those ideas in IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

Ignorance Is Strength: The Dystopia Triptych, Volume One features the Scott Sigler story The Love.

Book Two: Burn the Ashes

"We burn them to ashes and then burn the ashes." In Ray Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451, that's the motto of the Firemen who hunted down and burned books wherever they found them. Bradbury warned of a world where our literary history is taken from us. In BURN THE ASHES, some of the best science fiction authors working today continue to explore the dystopic worlds they introduced in IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

Burn The Ashes: The Dystopia Triptych, Volume Two features the Scott Sigler story The Hate.

Book Three: Or Else The Light

"Into the darkness within; or else the light..." When Margaret Atwood wrote these words, she left open the possibility that even our darkest tales may harbor a glimmer of hope. In OR ELSE THE LIGHT, the third and final entry of THE DYSTOPIA TRIPTYCH, over a dozen of the best minds in science fiction conclude their stories with a descent into darkness, or perhaps a ray of light.

Or Else The Light: The Dystopia Triptych, Volume Three features the Scott Sigler story The Sadness & Joy.

Author participation

Authors contributed a single story told in three parts.

Author participation by volume
Author Story Name Part One (Ignorance Is Strength) Part Two (Burn The Ashes) Part Three (Or Else The Light)
Carrie Vaughn We Take Care of Everything The Department of Talent Resources Keep Your Streak Going! You Have Been Crowdfunded
Tim Pratt Wrack Glasslands Cacophany Spheres and Harmonies
Rich Larson Deep/Fake Animals Like Me Our Lady of Perpetual Disdain Failsafe
Cadwell Turnbull Letters Glass Houses Sand Castles Dresses
Karin Lowachee Aiden Lyceum Survival Guide Sakura
Adam-Troy Castro Targets The Truth About The Boy The Proscribed Words Blood Relations
Caroline M. Yoachim Shadow Prisons The Shadow Prison Experiment Shadow Prisons of the Mind The Shadow Prisoner's Dilemma
Hugh Howey The Inheritors Inheritors Inheritors of the Curse Inheritors of the Earth
An Owomoyela Weight of the Storm The Oracle of Exile You Cannot Push Back the Sky A Foreign-Born Heir
Seanan McGuire Harvest Opt-In Conscription Recovery
Dominica Phetteplace Robot Country One Thousand Beetles in a Jumpsuit Paradise Requires a Wall Human Country
Alex Irvine Nil Desperandum Red Sky at Morning Print the Legend Blackberries
Tobias S. Buckell Robots Rise Idle Hands The Fruits of Their Labor The Machine Votes
Scott Sigler V. Invadens The Love The Hate The Sadness & Joy
Darcie Little Badger Ku Ko Né Ä The Orphan of Greenridge How to Use Your Visor Evacuation Helper to Escape an Active War Zone Making Faces
Violet Allen Slumberland Mister Dawn, How Can You Be So Cruel? Our Motto: Do Not Wake Up Why Can't I Sleep a Little Longer?
Merc Fenn Wolfmoor The Lawless Trust in the Law, For the Law Trusts in You Believe in the Law, For The Law is All The Law is the Plan, The Plan is Death