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EarthCore is a company central to the storyline of the novel EarthCore written by author Scott Sigler.


EarthCore LLC is a large, family-owned mining company based Detroit, Michigan. It was formerly managed by former CEO, Charles Yakely, Jr., but after a plane crashed that killed both he and his son Charles Yakely III, control of the company moved to his wife, Barbara Yakely.

EarthCore Staffing

Earthcore had both permanent employees as well as contractors, who were hired as needed.

EarthCore Employees

Name Information
Charles Yakely, Jr. Former CEO
Barbara Yakely Current Owner and CEO
Connell Kirkland Operating Executive
Angus Kool Senior Geologist/Scientist
Randy Wright Geologist/Scientist – Direct report to Angus Kool
Patrick O'Doyle Security Chief
Bertha Lybrand Security
Cho Takachi Security


Name Information
Sonny McGuiness Prospector
Kayla Meyers Former NSA operative


Name Information
Veronica Reeves Lead Geologist at the Mount Fitzroy site
Sanji Haak “Father” of Veronica Reeves
Mack Hendricks Geologist and world renowned miner

Information Stable

Name Information
Herbert Darker Owner of Darker Inc. & American Contact
NAME REDACTED South African Contact
NAME REDACTED American Contact

EarthCore Operations

Wah Wah Mountains, Utah

In August, 2008, the EarthCore Corporation financed an enormously expensive field operation in the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah to exploit a platinum deposit discovered by Sonny McGuiness. EarthCore had no platinum interests but this site was to become its largest assest, with an estimated 10 oz of platinum per ton of ore. Result:The operation was a catastrophic failure, resulting in the deaths of nearly every member of the EarthCore team.

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