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Depiction of World Domination as created by Junkie Dr Strangematter.

FDO is an acronym standing for Future Dark Overlord.

Initial Introduction

It is a widely held fact that the FDO is indeed a distinct and complex identity within the arsenal of Scott Sigler’s multifaceted personality. This would place the persona of the FDO among the company of Pope Siglericus XXXth and General Siglerisimo all of whom have amassed a following of rabid believers (also known as Junkies).

Siglerism and The Ascension

One of the primary directives shared by the FDO and his aliases is the need for world domination. While this may seem to be the expectant and mundane mantra of most nefarious figures, the FDO has made it his life's ambition to cover the planet in books authored by Scott Sigler and therefore turning the world's population into rabid Junkies.

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