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Francis Parkmeyer is an ancillary character in the novel Nocturnal by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode ten of the audio version of Nocturnal (Rough Draft).

Character Background

Francis Parkmeyer is a retired San Francisco Police Department homicide detective and a current resident at retirement center called San Francisco Assisted Living.

Parkmeyer’s name first comes up when Homicide Detectives "Pookie" Chang and Bryan Clauser were investigating the string of murders that have been happening around the city. While visiting Mr. Biz-Nass, Parkmeyer’s name is revealed in a 1974 San Francisco Chronicle article where he gave an interview regarding the death of the murderer in the Golden Gate Park Slasher case.

"Pookie" digs further by going to the SFPD archives and reading the case files from the Golden Gate Park Slasher files. It is here that he finds evidence showing Parkmeyer and Amy Zou, now Police Chief, were the original investigating detectives on the case. In 1976, officials at the California State Medical Correction Facility had released Jebidiah Erickson to Parkmeyer. As both the Golden Gate Park Slasher murders and the current string of murders share the fact that the killer used an arrow and left strange symbols at the murder scenes, Pookie and Bryan believe they are connected. However, evidence seems to be missing out of the Police records.

Pookie and Bryan need to question Parkmeyer but are told by Chuck Baker, the manager of the Assisted Living facility, that they need to wait until he is more cognizant before proceeding. Later that same day, Baker contacts the detectives and they return to question Parkmeyer. During this questioning session, Parkmeyer implicates Jebidiah Erickson as The Savior who kills the killers.



The author refers to this character with only the full name of Francis Parkmeyer, there are no known nicknames.

Outward Appearance

Francis Parkmeyer is described as being 72 years old with symptoms suggesting he has dementia. In episode 13, he is described as having slumped shoulders, a hunched back, and wrinkled skin sagging from his face. He was also described as being dressed in a blue button down sweater with a white shirt, tan slacks and loafers.


On what Chuck Baker -the manager of the San Francisco Assisted Living facility- called a “bad day”, Parkmeyer could not remember his life and was described as only being able to sit in front of a window. On a “good day”, he could remember his life and was an amiable fellow. His room was sparse with pictures of his family and himself in his younger days. It’s also suggested that he may enjoy reading as a copy of the novel Morevi could be seen on his nightstand.

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