Frederico Gonzaga

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Frederico Esteban Giuseppe Gonzaga
Book(s) The Starter
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Private Investigator
Species Human
Fan Name No

Frederico Esteban Giuseppe Gonzaga, also known as Fred, is a character introduced in the novel The Starter by author Scott Sigler. Frederico Gonzaga features prominently in the stories of the Galactic Football League, appearing in most novels and novellas.

Physical description

Frederico is six feet tall, about two hundred pounds[1].

Character Background

Fred is a Private Investigator who was introduced to Quentin Barnes by John Tweedy[2]. Quentin hired Fred to locate his family.

Military service

Known Aliases

As a gay man, Fred is categorically persecuted by his homeland, the Purist Nation. He has, over the years, created a number of alter egos to allow him to move more freely throughout the galaxy.

Following is a list of known aliases

  • Caleb Cole, miner, The Detective
  • Nathanial Cornish, Sr. Sales rep, Magi Mining Supplies, Inc. The Detective
  • Garrison Woolworth, Ionath, The Detective






Fred is a master of disguise. He has used his abilities to infiltrate secure areas or to blend seamlessly into the background.

Following is a list of disguises Frederico has used

  • Limo driver[3]
  • Nannite hand-cleaning machine repairman[1]
  • Waiter[4]
  • Bartender[5]
  • Xhiang, a Green on Buddha station[6]


Throughout his dealings, Frederico has curried favors from many powerful people. He has been able to leverage these favors to help advance his investigations, or to keep himself out of trouble.

Rachel Guestford; provided Fred Dinolition tickets for Quentin so Quentin and Fred could meet on Wilson 6[1].


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