GFL-era Crime Lords

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Major crime figures of the GFL Era of the Siglerverse

With hundreds of billions of sentients spread across the galaxy, it is impossible to list all of the major crime figures active during the GFL Era of the Siglerverse Galactic Timeline.

The most-significant crime lords, however, are fairly well-known.

  • Coral-Cruncher (controls underwater territory on multiple planets)
  • Gredok the Splithead (owner of the Roughland Ridgebacks, the Ionath Krakens, and one of the most influential criminal figure in the Quyth Concordia)
  • Spreka Palmateri (based on New Rodina, Palmateri has significant incidence on the science and industrial complexes of the League of Planets)
  • Crag-Ah-Kwan (dominant crime figure in both the Ki Empire and Ki Rebel Association, heavily involved in health insurance fraud galaxy-wide).
  • The Pontski Sisters (the sisters are a dominant criminal element in the businesses of healthcare, orbital manufacturing and interplanetary shipping)
  • Anna Villani (owner of the OS1 Orbiting Death, and a rival to Gredok the Splithead for control over Concordia organized crime)