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The Galactic Fight Council is an entity responsible for the administering of the Galactic Fighting Association rules and regualtions and is referenced in the short story, Title Fight. This short story was co-authored by Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace.


The Galactic Fight Council is the ruling body for the Galactic Fighting Alliance (GFA) and as such, has the last say in decisions regarding the rules governing their figthers. Located in the heart of Ionath City, the chambers of the council resembled a church nave. It is an expansive, circular room with an evangelical, Baroque feel similar to the churches of ancient Earth. In the center of the ceiling, there is a holo-fresco that changes every sixty seconds displaying a stained glass holo relief of a different hall of fame fighter. On the opposite end of the chamber door, there is a raised dias with an alter like bench where the members of the council sit. The leading member of the council sits in the center.

When the council convenes for decisions, it is comprised of three senior Galactic Fight Council members - one from the Quyth, Sklorno, and Human races. The fourth member, from the Ki Referee Union, is technically not an official member of the council but has a say in council matters.

The Galactic Fight Council has no rule over the Intergalactic Fighting Association (IFA).

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