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Jeremy Ellis's take on the Harrah race
Grizzit is the name given to a lifeform native to the Harrah homeworld. Grizzit makes it's first appearance in episode 14 of The Crypt Book 01: The Crew by author Scott Sigler, entitled Dr. Erun Wellington.


Grizzt was a native species to the Harrah home planet Shorah, one of five gas giant planets that make up the Harrah Tribal Accord. The creature was a distant relative of that sentient species and one of the billions of bizarre lifeforms from the Harrah biological tree. The crew of the LPV Shi Kubonik came across the creature and Dr. Erun Wellington and his team made it their station's mascot. Grizzit is technically not the name of this species but rather the name given to the creature by the children on the LPV Shi Kubonik. The children basically named it after the sound it made as it was eating. The creature was not truly sentient but trainable enough to go out into the harsh atmosphere and retrieve objects. It was considered even more trainable than a dog. The crew would just say the word task, show it what they wanted done, give it a reward and it would accomplishment the task. Grizzit was frequently used to bring back samples and work a rudimentary camera.


Grizzit was a boneless creature that could adjust its internal density. It would practically shape shift in order to sustain pressures as dense as one thousand Earth atmospheres or as thin as one tenth of an Earth atmosphere. Being barely sentient, the Grizzit was to the Harrah as the chimpanzee was to Humans. It had the appearance of a half melted green octopus without the head. It was a floater like a jellyfish not a true flier like the Harrah. The creature had no face, no eyes, and no recognizable features just tentacles and the single, soft, boneless orifice that served as its sensory organ, mouth, genitals and anus.

As a joke, or maybe just to make it look less horrific, the naval enlisted men aboard the LPV Shi Kubonik hot glued a Jang Cubs baseball cap on one of its stubbier pseudopods and shoved two of its tentacles through the arm holes of a fatigue jacket.

Grizzit was also observed to eat anything that wasn't living, including human waste. The crew found out, quite by accident, that Grizzit loved beer and so it would usually receive a can as a reward for completing tasks. Also, Grizzit belched pure oxygen.

Episode Download

To listen to the specific episode where the Grizzt is introduced, click on the link below. All episodes in this series can be accessed through The Crypt Book 01: The Crew page.

Episode Number Episode Name Co-Author Download Link Podcast Date
Episode 14 Dr. Erun Wellington David Wellington Download January 3, 2010

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