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Jeremy Ellis's take on "Doc" from The Rookie.
The Harrah are one of the major species of The Rookie Universe. They are the native species of one of five gas giant planets that make up the Harrah Tribal Accord. Harrah Tribal Accord was placed under the full control of the Creterakian empire in 2642.


Harrah do no walk like most species in The Rookie Universe, but rather float approximately at chest height. They can best be described as having similar bodies as Earth stingrays with white skin and a tapered, flat body. A typical Harrah is about four-feet wide at the wides point by six-feet long and move using an undulation of their body to float through the air. Along the curved front of a Harrah are six deep black sensory pits which function as the Harrah's eyes. These pits combine to produce a kind of sonar which allow the them to see what is around them. Beyond the outermost sensory pits are two tentacles which are the Harrah equivalent of hands. They do not communicate with their mouth but rather rather speak with other creatures by a mechanical device which is strapped to their backs.

Harrah blood is pink[1], and their air bladder is filled with a yellowish gas[2].

Most notably, Harrah are the only species which can survive on gas giant planets.

Technology Advances

Two years after arriving in the galaxy in 2432, The Givers land on the Harrah homeworld. Six years later, in the Harrah achieve Faster-Than-Light (FTL) status. The Givers departed the Harrah homeworld shortly thereafter.

Positions Held in The GFL

Harrah's tend to hold support positions through the GFL specifically Team doctors and Referees. Harrah referees are commonly called by the derogatory "Zebe" for zebra. However it does not seem that anyone in The Rookie Universe knows anything about zebras.


The Purist Nation teach young children nursery rhymes that insruct them in ways of killing the "sub-races". The Harrah rhyme is as follows:

A punch in the pit, any of them will do

Grab the wings and pull down, so blessed are you
Bring up your knee, oh so so so high

Let this enemy of High One die

This move places sudden compression on the Harrah's heart, causing it to rupture.

Notable Characters


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