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Hudson Bay Station is the name of a broad complex both in space and on-planet in the former Planetary Union around and on the planet Earth. Space-borne facilities include a space station with docking ring and a massive Orbital Elevator. Planet-side, there is a receiving station, a full-sized airport (Hudson Bay Airport), Water-borne city (Hudson Bay City), and the titanic Hudson bay Football Stadium. Hudson Bay Station is the only means for space-faring passengers to proceed to the surface of Earth.

In Space

Space Station

A traveler to the Planet Earth would first stop at Hudson Bay Station. A massive space station, Hudson Bay Station is equipped with facilities for all the galaxy's species including water-born tubes for Whitokians, Leekee, and Earth Dolphins.

Hudson Bay Station also acts as a critical security checkpoint for the planet. As all individuals hoping to go to the surface must go through this or other orbital stations, This gives station personnel the opportunity to scan incoming immigrants and their luggage. This is very obvious to all of the incoming sentients as it is commonly spoken from the internal PA system "No Weaponsa re allowed on Hudson Bay Station. If you are carrying a weapon of any kind, please report to the nearest constable and turn it in. Carrying a Weapon on Hudson Bay Station is a Capitol Offense."

Orbital Elevator

One of the few ways to get form earth orbit to the surface of the planet is by way of Hudson Bay Orbital elevator. Any craft trying bypass the elevator to land personnel on the planet will be attacked and destroyed by Creterakian Fighters once the craft penetrates the eighty-thousand foot barrier. The elevator consists of a large platform with seats for all species. The platform then drops down a large tube, slowing to softly land at the receiving station Planet-side. the experience is considered to be quite unsettling and tends to upset those who are afflicted with motion sickness. Hudson Bay Station engineers are always updating the drop engines on the platforms which leads to a reputation of constant construction and large delays.


Hudson Bay City

Hudson bay city was created centuries before the events in novel in a combined effort of Human and Whitokian Engineers. effectively a floating city, Hudson Bay City was intended to take advantage of the large amounts of oil and natural gas from deep below the surface of the ocean. The high-tech boom town saw many decades of prosperous growth before the supply of the natural resources began to ebb. City officials then capitalized on the remoteness of the city to with the contact of the Earth's Second orbital elevator, the first having been built over the English Channel. With the completion of the elevator Hudson Bay City again saw prosperity as its main industries changed from mining to shipping and tourism.

Hudson Bay Stadium

The largest football stadium on the planet, Hudson Bay Stadium is the site of the Tier 2 tournament.


The remoteness of Hudson Bay Station is perhaps the complex's greatest Asset. Able to detect and withstand attack on all fronts, Hudson Bay Station has thus far been lucky enough to avoid the acts of terrorism perpetrated against other major landmarks and gathering points. Most of these terrorist acts are committed by Purist Nation Terrorist groups which are currently underground.

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