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Ionath is a planet in the Quyth Concordia and one of the few planets in the known galaxy not under the control of the Creterakian empire. Ionath is also the home of the Ionath Krakens the Tier 2 GFL Football team which Quentin Barnes Joins at the start of Scott Sigler's book The Rookie.


The first historical reference in The Rookie to the planet refers to the 2558 saturation bombing of the planet by the Sklorno during the Third Galactic War. Originally a planet belonging to the Prawatt, the saturation bombing destroyed all life on the planet leaving Ionath as a radioactive hulk. Most thought this would be the end of the story of the planet. Unlike Whitok, where the Sklorno used relativity saturation bombs, Ionath was bombarded with nuclear saturation bombs.

Despite the bombing, the planet would not remain devoid of life for long. In 2573 the Quyth shocked the galaxy by establishing a permanent colony on Ionath. In the next 110 Earth-years that followed, the planet's population grew to over 500 million Quyth. The Quyth introduced flora and fauna that not only could survive in the radiated conditions but in some cases actually utilized the radiation in place of sunlight to capture energy. In just over a century, the Quyth transformed the planet from a lifeless orb into a growing and vibrant planet.

Ionath City

While the Quyth had turned Ionath into a flourishing planet, the radiation hadn't gone away. Since other species could not survive on the surface of the planet, the Quyth had to find a way to allow for commerce on their planets. The solution came in the form of several domed cities across the planet the largest of which is Ionath City. The domed area would act as a downtown connecting non-protected portions of the city. The Domed section of Ionath City would house over 110,000 sentient beings inside its four-mile diameter while another 4.1 million Quyth would live outside.

The main mode of transportation in Ionath City is by Grav Cab. Cars are available to anyone at any time and are free in Ionath City.

Remaining areas are home to the cultural areas of several species such as Sklorno, Ki, and Human. The city also boasts a fifty story high pressured gas cylinder for the Harrah and aquatic centers for the Leekee, Dolphins and Whitok. The human cultural area consisted of only six city blocks which did not leave much room for individual neighborhoods that reflected the thousands of various human cultures. Therefore the Human District, as it is called, is a mixing of cultural influences mashed together in a claustrophobically confined space. The area is so diverse it is not uncommon to see a hotel catering to League of Planets residents next to a café that advertises food from the Tower Republic or a Vodka only liquor store that specialized in brands from across the galaxy. The city teemed with dance clubs, bars, restaurants, grocery stores and shops with signs in hundreds of languages.

Ionath Stadium

The perhaps most dominating structure of Ionath City is Ionath Stadium, Also known as "The Big Eye". With a seating capacity of 185,000 the open air stadium is the home of the Ionath Krakens. While the stadium is an "Open air" stadium, the stadium is in fact inside a dome. This means the weather changes: It is always a steady 85 degrees the galaxy accepted standard for multi-race environments. In previous years when the Krakens were a running team, the city temperature control systems would "malfunction" placing the city temperature closer to 75 degrees a temperature more suitable for human running backs.

Galactic Fight Council

The Galactic Fight Council, responsible for the administering of the Galactic Fighting Association (GFA) rules and regualtions, is located in the heart of Ionath City.

Other Features

Bekanilat is the second-largest city.

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