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Johnny Yee is a character in the novel Nocturnal (Rough Draft) by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode one of the rough draft audio version of Nocturnal.

Character Background

Johnny Yee is an up and coming gang leader of the Suey Singsa tong in San Francisco, California.

What started out as a normal day fixing supply chain issues and torturing NARC’s turned sour as Yee received a phone cal from his wife’s phone – only she wasn’t on the other side, her abductor was. Competing gang leader Frank Lanza called from Yee’s wife’s cell phone which meant her body guards were dead and his wife, Barbara, was in trouble. Lanza eluded to the fact that he had both Yee’s wife and son and that an attack on the Five Rooms was eminent. Yee tried to defend himself but lost it when he saw the creatures that had attacked his base of operations.

Yee and his family are taken to a prison cell in an undisclosed location. The cell was painted white and they were dressed in pajamas and chained to the wall. Imprisoned with Yee is Aggie James but Aggie isn’t able to shed any light on how or who had abducted them or where they were.

Little creatures entered the prison cell and dragged away Yee’s son, then his wife. This drove Yee to the edge of his sanity and finally when the creatures came for him, Yee faked as if he were sleeping and then lashed out at the creatures. He was able to take one down but soon he is brutally subdued and carried away.


Name & Family

The character’s full name is Johnny Yee. He was reference as “Boss” by Little Bob, one of his gang members. Yee’s wife was named Barbara and their seven year old son was named Eric.


As a gang leader, Yee is accustomed to giving orders and having them unquestioningly followed. His demeanor is commanding and intimidating making him well suited for the job of heading a small but growing gang in San Francisco. He was used to being obeyed and those who didn't felt his wrath. But just because Yee killed people or ordered people to be killed, didn’t mean he wasn’t a family man. Yee loved his wife and son more than all of the contraband products that made him rich. When his family was in danger, nothing was more important to him than to ensure their safety.



Yee’s base of operations was located in the basement of in the LiPo Lounge. A door made of one inch of old iron that has been there for a hundred years protected this part of the basement, which was affectionately named the Five Rooms. Yee used room number two as his office but the remainder of the rooms was multipurposed including a torture chamber. This location is an asset to Yee because the rooms were fairly impenetrable but in the case that trouble arose, the Five Rooms were connected to a labyrinth of secret underground tunnels that could be used for a getaway.


Yee was familiar with firearms and favored a MAC-10 because it had the capacity to fire at 900 rounds a minute, 15 rounds per second, and when you do squeeze it hard, the whole clip evaporates in a second and a half.

Cell Phone

While not usually categorized as a weapon, in the hands of Johnny Yee, it could definitely qualify. Yee used seven cell phones from his base of operations in order to coordinate his prostitution and drug supply chains.

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