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Julius "Ju" Tweedy is a character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Known as the "Mad Ju" Tweedy plays as running back for the Orbiting Death Another Tier 2 football team in the Quyth Irradiated Conference.


Ju Tweedy was the offensive player of the year for T2 GFL season 2665 while playing for the Orbiting Death and was close friends with Orbiting Death's founder/owner Sikka the Death who was rumored to have been killed by Anna Villani, Sikka’s second-in-command. Orbital Station One authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of Ju for the murder of Grace McDermott whom he had been dating. Shortly after an arrest bulletin was issued, Ju was released from his contract with the Orbiting Death removing the diplomatic immunity that all GFL players have while being on an active roster.


Ju has a brother named John who is also a GFL player. John is a Linebacker for the Tier 2 champions the Ionath Krakens. John and Ju are said to "...Get along like the Purist Nation and the League of Planets..." Which is to say not at all. Prior to the game, Quentin sees John's tattoo saying "Mom always did love you best" scrolling across Tweedy's head. This is perhaps indicative of a great family squabble though no more details are brought to life by the end of book. Ju and John were raised on Thomas 3 and are proud of their home planet. Their mother currently lives on Orbital Station One.


In 2682 Ju Tweedy is Tier 2 Leading Rusher and a regular in GFL Highlight Reels. Strength, speed, power, Ju Tweedy is hands down the greatest player on the Orbiting Death. In a game with the Ionath Krakens Ju scored four touchdowns and ran for 179 yards; this is enarly double the yardage gained by Mitchell Fayed Of the Krakens in that same game. Ju's one weakness is that "He can't hold onto the pellet" which means he had a tendency to fumble the ball while running. This being said he only fumbled the ball two times against the Krakens which might be an indication that he has been working to counteract this problem.

Professional Career

Ju Tweedy's professional career began in 2674, playing for the Tier-3 Steinmetz Stallions in the Thomas 3 Gridiron League. In 2675, he began his Rookie season in Tier 2 with the OS1 Orbiting Death, where he played until he was cut by the team in 2683 after being framed for the murder of Grace McDermott. That same year, he was picked up by the Ionath Krakens, with whom he finally began playing Tier 1 football.

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