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Junkie Badges or tags are used on the forum at scottsigler.com. They can be earned in two methods for two reasons: 1) People who have had significant contributions to furthering the Sigler ascension to world domination and 2) to designate junkies whose real life names have been used in a Sigler story.

This special badge was only awarded to Junkies who registered on scottsigler.com prior to the print release of Infected, Scott's first hardcover novel.
This is the end-all be-all of titles that a Junkie could take on. This title is gained with a supreme amount of respect from and hard work for Sigler.
This term is applied to special members of the junkie community who have served as consultants on Sigler's works.
This term is applied to junkies who have supported Scott Sigler and his work in the past, showing extraordinary dedication and towards the Sigler Ascension. This title is bestowed with a supreme amount of respect in recognition of the hard work that they have shown in past.
  • KISS - Killed In Service to Sigler
This one's fairly self explanatory. If you're name is used as a character who dies in a Sigler story, you get a KISS badge. Any junkie who is lucky enough to be martyred to the cause gets this most sought after badge of honor. Robin Hudson, from the novel Nocturnal is a perfect example.
  • MC - Major Character
This badge is reserved for junkies whose names are used central characters within a Sigler story. Bryan Clausner, from the book Nocturnal is an example.
  • HM - Honorable Mention
Junkies whose names are used as part of the supporting cast within a Sigler story. This is often a judgment call and depending on the lifecycle of a story, it is possible to be elevated from a HM to a MC or KISS.
  • CA - Cameo Appearance
Junkies whose names are mentioned one or two times within the story but may not be central to the main storyline.
  • Ø - Null Sign
A Kovac's unique badge; it also has strong associations with Dark Øverlord Media.
Scott Sigler's unique badge

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