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Home Planet Planet Ki
Ecosystem Jungle/Rainforest
Culture Warrior
Traits ?

The Ki are one of the major species of The Rookie Universe. It is also worth noting that the Ki also made an cameo appearance in the novel Contagious.


Technological Advances

Forty years after The Givers leave the Kurgurk, they land on the Ki homeworld in 2518. Similar to both the Harrah and the Kurgurk, the Ki achieve Faster-Than-Light (FTL) capability shortly after the arrival of The Givers. Unlike the other species, The Givers are not able to leave Ki. Instead, the Ki eat The Givers for dinner. More importantly, achieving FTL capability marks the beginning of what will become the galaxy wide dominance of Ki interstellar travels, in particular intergalactic shipping lanes.

Ki Physiology

The Ki have segmented, tubular bodies where half of the body is parallel to the ground, supported by six multi-jointed legs. The body bends 90 degrees upwards at the "waist." This vertical upper body has four multi-jointed arms, as well as the head. The Ki head features five eyes spread equidistant around the body, giving the race 360-degree vision. Below the eyes, they have a pink octagonal mouth, filled with black teeth that point backwards into the mouth. The Ki speak through a cluster of vocal tubes that stick out of the top of its head. Ki skin is thick and tough, embedded with enamel spots that run a variety of colors spanning from deep red to dark orange to black. Ki are also known to have black colored blood in comparison to the red blood of a human.

Ki eyes take in a larger spectrum of light and therefore subdued lights are all that is needed for the Ki to see effectively. They prefer hot, balmy environments and unlike Humans who use nanite showers, the Ki prefer water showers. The Ki also smell bad to the Human sensitivities. In one instance, the Krakens quarterback Quentin Barnes noted that the post-game Ki smelled like rotten fish mixed in with decomposed chicken guts.


The "waist" of the Ki, where the body bends contains a fatal spinal flaw. If they were bent back too far or struck at the bend in their back, Ki can suffer paralysis or death. Many of the indigenous animals of the planet Ki have similiar physiology to the Ki, including five eyes and the same spinal flaw. Ki vocal chords are also very sensitive so that pulling on them can cause great distress.

Caste System

The Ki race has two known castes that consist of the Citizen caste and the Warrior caste. The differences between the two castes are not as pronounced as the Quyth, where they are completely separate sub-species, however the differences are noticeable.

Citizen Caste

The Citizen caste of Ki are human sized, weighing about 250 pounds on average. Unlike the Warrior caste, the Citizens are neither violent nor strong.

Warrior Caste

The average Ki Warrior caste member boasts a body of ten to twelve feet long, weighing around 1,000 pounds and is capable of bench-pressing over 1,300 pounds. Warrior Ki are selected when they are about three years old (in Human years). From that age on, they are trained to fight, kill and endure hardship and pain that most Humans couldn't even imagine. Most of the GFL players have taken sentient life and just about all of them participated in ground combat. Physical combat is a huge part of the Warrior Ki culture and as such, they love playing football positions where they can block and tackle.



The Ki are a close species. While the Warrior Ki can be mean and deadly, all Ki are both sensitive and physical in a touchy/feely way. This is because they can send nerve pulses through their skin and antenna which is why they usually cluster into a single ball while with each other. When they are touching they can almost talk without speaking. The closeness also gives them a sense of tribe or family.


The Ki can learn and understand standard Earth English, however the structure of their vocal tubes makes it difficult for them to speak it. As such, the Creterakians, who are adept at all languages, usually provide translation services for the Ki. Similarly, Humans can learn to undersand the Ki language but speaking it using the Human vocal chords is difficult if not impossible.

Eating Habits

The Ki eat in a communal fashion on a large stone table that includes a blood trough. The Ki prefer to eat their food while it is still alive, killing it as it is being served. They eat dessert first, which usually consists of dishes such as candied shushileks.

Positions Held in The GFL

Due to their size and strength, the warrior caste of the Ki were practically bred to play the role of offensive and defensive Linemen.


The radical differences in appearance between Humans and Ki have opened the Ki to bouts of racism. The racist term used to describe this species is Salamader, as their physiology is reminiscent of the Earth amphibian.

In the Purist Nation, young children are taught nursery rhymes that instruct them in ways of killing the "sub-races". The Ki rhyme is as follows:

What do I do if a Ki should attack?

I get behind him with my foot on his back
I bend him hard, his back gives a crack

Cause High One loves me and I love Him back

Notable Characters

The Ki in Infected/Contagious

The Ki were the race responsible for sending the infectious alien parasites, known as the Triangles. They sent the Triangles to set up a beachhead and build teleportation gates for their invasion.