Kirsten Graves

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Kirsten Graves
Book(s) The Crypt Book 1
Introduced Episode Eight
Gender Female
Age 28
Occupation Military Service
Species Human
Fan Name Yes
Military Service
Allegiance Planetary Union
Branch Navy
of Service
Rank Petty Officer Second Class
Assignment Astronavigator
Stationed P.U.V. James Keeling
Battles/Wars n/a
Awards n/a
Injuries n/a

Kirsten Graves is a character in the novel titled The Crypt by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode eight of the podcast version of The Crypt Book 01: The Crew.

Character Background

Graves was described as a talented astronavigator but her career was marred by the four people she killed in self-defense. She was being interrogated by Commander Lowell in the killing of Petty Officer First Class Frederick Noble, son of Chance Noble who was a Senator and the chair of the Military Commission.

The military would have let go anyone who had killed so many times but Graves was being forgiven because she was a talented navigator and an asset. Graves told Commander Lowell that she was in a bar when she was approached by Fred Noble. She had told him to leave her alone three times but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. She then described how Fred and several of his friends pinned her to the bar and tried to rape her and in response she stabbed Fred Noble through the eye with a pickle fork. When questioned about her previous killings she described how she slashed Murray's throat with his own combat knife, she crushed Savara's skull with a chair leg, and she stabbed Bellamy with a butter knife. However she said she had no special training and struck first and violently because she felt it was critical to make the first strike the winning strike.

Commander Lowell knew Fred never raped a woman but came close enough to get a beating from the Minneapolis police but he let his personal relationship with Fred cloud his judgment. On a whim, he touched Graves' hand to see how she would react. It quickly escalated into an altercation and in a heartbeat, Graves killed Commander Lowell.

Graves was convicted by Admiral Boock of assault on Commander Stewart Lowell and sentenced to two years on board the P.U.V. James Keeling.


Outward Appearance

Graves is described as having close-cropped black hair and light blue eyes. She is 5-foot-4, 105 pounds. She has a dark complexion, and appears to be of a combined Indian and Oriental descent. When first looking at Graves, Commander Lowell described her as looking more like someone's sister rather than a killer.


Initially, Graves appeared to be a person of great control. While waiting for the interrogator, she sat completely still for about three hours barely blinking. However, while interrogating Graves, Commander Lowell described her has having a cold blue eyed stare. She calmly and flatly described the attempted rape situation that led her killing Fred Noble which was unlike the normal response for a rape victim. She showed no remorse, was calm and methodical showing no emotional response.


As mentioned before, Graves is a talented astronavigator who had been nominated for several declarations but because of prior murders she had not been promoted above Petty Officer Second Class. Also, despite her small stature, she has a physical prowess that allows her to overcome opponents who are bigger and stronger than her.


Graves has killed four people in self-defense, all as a result of alleged sexual assault.

  • Corporal Neil Murray
  • Lieutenant Cheryll Savara
  • Captain Armond Bellamy
  • Petty Officer First Class Fred Noble

Co-Authored Character

Continuing in his innovative writing style, the character of Kristin Graves was the result of a collaboration between authors Scott Sigler and Nathan Lowell. The character murders another character named Stewart Lowell, who carries the surname of co-author.

Fan Based Character

Fan Sister Lil Bunny.jpg

The character of Kirsten Graves is named after the devoted junkie by the same name and whose avatar is pictured at the left. This dedicated junkie can be found as an active member on the official Scott Sigler website forums under the user name of Sister_Lil_Bunny.

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