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The Krakens Jersey Fan Gallery is a tribute to the fans who have shown the ultimate allegiance to the Ionath Krakens, a Galactic Football League (GFL) team highlighted in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. These dedicated fans have spent their hard earned cash on acquiring an official Krakens jersey to show their undying pride in this talented team.

To join the ranks of these dedicated junkies, you can visit the Official Krakens Team Gear website and purchase your own customized Krakens jersey.

Away Jersey Home Jersey Jersey # Fan Name User Name
Athanas and Voodoo.JPG 00 & 74 Steve Bickel and Josh Athanas Voodoo(#00) and Athanas(#74)
KrakensPoint7 CB2.jpg 0.7 CB CB
Fan 03Gmork.jpg 3 CJ Wellman Gmork
Fan 05Bruce.jpg 5 Shirley Bruce MuchAdo
Kraken06 ScottSigler.jpg 6 Scott Sigler scottsigler
Kraken07 StephHarvey.jpg 7 Stephanie Harvey shadygirl
Kraken10 Annathy.jpg 10 Annathy
Kraken10 Schrader.jpg 10 Schrader
Krakens14 TimHines.JPG 14 Tim Hines thines
Fan TimothyFeely.jpg 16 Timothy Feely deathspiral
Kraken17 JPHarvey.jpg 17 J.P. Harvey JP
Kraken21 JerryScullion.jpg 21 Jerry Scullion
Kraken21 JosephCartwright.jpg 21 Joseph Cartwright IAM---
Kraken23 CharlieBeerGuy.jpg 23 Charlie the Beer Guy Charlie the Beer Guy
Kraken23 PaulFischer.jpg 23 Paul Fischer
Kraken24 JohnVizcarra.jpg 24 John Vizcarra BigJohn
Kraken26 KevinMest.jpg 26 Kevin Mest Kevinesque
Kraken27 NickRobinson.jpg 27 Nick Robinson
Krakens27 Crumpler.jpg 27 Justin Crumpler & CB Ayla StayzKrunchyInMilk
Fan MicahaelBrown.JPG 34 Michael Brown buckpine
Kraken42 ChristiniaEllis.jpg 42 Christina Ellis
Kraken45 TomHeading.jpg 45 Tom Heading
Kraken50 PaulBest.jpg 50 Paul Best
SynapticJam.jpg 57 James Keeling Better pic coming at SiglerFest 2011 SynapticJam
Kraken58 PonsMattel.jpg 58 Pons Matal Twowire
MarkWheeler.JPG 58 Mark Wheeler billy tal3nt3d
Pondy Jersey.jpg 59 Scott E Pond ScottEPond
Fan Badger.jpg 66 Dale Bennett
Kraken68 TeeMorris.jpg 68 Tee Morris
Kraken69 DougGlisson.jpg 69 Doug Glisson
Front2.JPG 74 Jeremy Freese TJ-Tigger
Krakens-76-Arioch-F+B.jpg 76 Arioch Morningstar sadock
Kraken77 Nuchtchas.png 77 and 26 Nuchtchas(77) & Tek(26) & Rory Nuchtchas
Kraken81 StephenKilbride.jpg 81 Stephen Kilbride StephenK
Kraken88 HesgoneKrazzy.jpg 88 Hesgone Krazzy awyldknght
Kraken93 MikeCorabe.jpg 93 Mike Corabe
Kraken96 CCChapman.jpg 96 CC Chapman
Scaleslea Front.JPG 98 Robert Scaleslea Scaleslea
Fan Kali.JPG 333 Kali Mura exotiKali
Fan Belladonna.jpg 420 Jeanine Carbonaro Belladonna420
Away Jersey Home Jersey Jersey # Fan Name User Name

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