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The Kurgurk are one of the species within The Rookie Universe.


The Kurgurk are the seventh race to achieve Faster-Than-Light (FTL) capability in 2455. Between 2527 and 2549, the Kurgurk add the planets Rfgh and Drghp to their planetary holdings. However, war finds the Kurgurk in 2581, when the Sklorno attack Drghp. The Kurgurk response is immediate and harsh as they unleashed asteroid battleships and destroyed the Sklorno invaders.

There are no clear descriptions of the Kurgurk race.

Technological Advances

In 2455, The Givers landed on the Kurgurk homeworld. Similar to the Harrah, in 2478, the Kurgurk achieved FTL capability and shortly thereafter, The Givers departed. The interstellar travel of the Kurgurk change the shape of their race, as they are able to add the planets Rfgh and Drghp to their holdings.


  • Kurgurk, the capital planet.
  • Durgup (formerly spelled "Drghp")
  • Rurgurk (formerly spelled "Rfgh")

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