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Kyle Souller is an ancillary character in the novel Nocturnal (Rough Draft) by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode five of the rough draft audio version of Nocturnal.

Character Background

Galileo High School, where Kyle Souller was the Principal.
The home of Kyle Souller.

Kyle Souller was the principal of Galileo High School in the city of San Francisco. This is the same school that Rex Deprovdechuk attended as well as the members of the BoyCo gang. Being the principal, Kyle knew that angry students could try to make him a target for their anger. There were four students who attempted to attack Kyle in his home, one of which was in prison because of it.

Kyle heard an intruder in his home and assumed it was one of his angry students. Kyle called 911 then tried to escape out of a window in his home. Kyle ran for his car but unfortunately didn’t make it to his car. Instead, he was stopped by an assailant to then be murdered by a yellow skinned creature that punctured his chest with some sort of tube.

Although Officers Tonda Murphy and Wie Chi Yen were the first on the scene they did not arrive in time to save Kyle. Second on the scene was "Pookie" Chang and Bryan Clauser who realized Kyle was in trouble after Chooch Rodriguez sketched Kyle’s picture from Bryan’s description of a victim in his dream.



The author refers to this character with only the full name of Kyle Souller, there are no known nicknames.

Outward Appearance

Kyle is described as being forty years old with bushy eyebrows, a furrowed brown and a widow’s peak. Bryan provided this same description of Souller to Police Sketch Artist Chooch Rodriguez as one of the victims in his dreams.


Kyle had no wife or children and was married to his job. He dedicated his life to teaching and administration hoping to impact the lives of children. He considered his home his sanctuary of silence where he could decompress from the stress of his job. Kyle had extraordinary hearing, which allowed him to hear whispers in the halls or the back of the classroom and sometimes to be able to hear noises in other rooms.

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