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Leekee Visualization by Junkie Steve Henry

The Leekee are one of the many species of The Rookie Universe and are referenced in both The Rookie and The Starter by author Scott Sigler.


Leekee are amphibious sentients that make up a large portion of the Tower Republic population. Leekee have reached out to many areas of the galaxy, occupying aquatic centers in Ionath City as well as having a presence at Hudson Bay Station, Earth.

Technological Advances

During a time when many races are reaching out into the galaxy, the Leekee achieved Faster-Than-Light (FTL) capability in 2470. This makes the Leekee the fifth sentient race to reach this level of technological advancement.


Leekee are bipedal creatures that appear to be hunched over and low to the ground. They are small, measuring about four feet in length, with long, vertically flat tails. The line of their tails continues onto their backs where a ridge of small spikes ends at the creature's pointy head. Their skin is a bright, blue color marked with wide, black stripes. The stripes are thick at their spiky back ridge and then they taper to points on their smooth sides. In all, the Leekee have streamlined, muscular forms. The Leekee’s eyes are small and yellow, placed on either side of their pointy head.


Leekee have both gills and lungs. They can survive indefinitely both underwater and on land. This survival trait was the key to their evolving into the dominant species on their planet.


Being an amphibious race, the Leekee are adept swimmers however they can also walk on land. They can also slither when faced with tight situations such as crowds of humans.


Similar to the Quyth changes in eye color, the Leekee display physiological changes when their emotions change. When calm, the Leekee’s body stripes are black. The stripes then shift from black to an iridescent yellow when the Leekee is agitated or angry. When incensed or furious, the iridescent yellow flames to neon orange. A backwards progression of color occurs as the Leekee calms.


The Leekee have small, spindly, spiderlike symbiotes that crawl along the back ridge of the creature.



The Leekee regard their symbiotes as part of themselves and as such are highly offended when undue attention is brought to them. When Quentin Barnes questions the Leekee reporter, Kelpbringer, about his symbiotes, the Leekee reporter becomes incensed and accuses Quentin of being racist.


The Leekee can learn, understand, and speak standard Earth English, however it is difficult for other races to speak. As such, the Creterakians, who are adept at all languages, can provide translation services, however they normally do not need to because, as previously mentioned, the Leekee can and do speak English. The native Leekee language is a collection of piercing sounds ranging from ear-splitting high notes to low rumbles that felt like an assault of sound. Humans can learn to understand the Leekee language but speaking it using the Human vocal chords is difficult if not impossible.

Notable Characters

  • Kelpbringer – Leekee Galaxy Times

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