Masall the Efficient

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Masall the Efficient
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode Ten
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Team Manager
Species Quyth
Fan Name No

Masall the Efficient is a character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Masall is the team manager for the Ionath Krakens and is responsible for many of the minor and unimportant tasks required by the Krakens' players and management staff. He is perhaps the one Quyth worker who interacts with Quentin Barnes Most during his rookie season. He has a minor role but is actually directly present for several key plot points throughout the novel.

Working with the Krakens

The 2682 Season

Nothing is mentioned about Masall prior to the 2682, Quentin Barnes's Rookie season. He mostly is seen performing minor and otherwise degrading tasks. He is first seen showing the Kraken rookies to their respective locker rooms. He also is the one who shows Quentin to the Ki locker room for a full water shower. This is important as this act marks Quentin's First attempt to reconcile with his alien teammates.

Masall also play a key role in perhaps the most gruesome scene in the entire novel. It is Masall who uses the uniform repair box to sew up Quentin's arm when it is ripped open by Yallah the Biter of the Sky Demolition. Quentin's arm was so badly damaged that the standard nanosite repair patches would not close the wound. To keep from being pulled from the game, Quentin, memorably, tells Masall that use the box to sew up his arm, Quentin would eat him. This is enough motivation to persuade Masall to go along with Quentin's plan despite threats from Doc to tell Gredok. It could be said that this action directly assists the Kraken's Victory over Sky Demolition.

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