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Mathara is a planet in the Harrah Tribal Accord. It is a gas giant with three moons, Shimonahn, Millendrahn, and Wiollahn.


  • 2492: Millendrahn is is colonized by the Whitok Kingdom. The Kingdom lay claim to the gas giant what will become Mathara, and all of its moons.
  • 2493 to 2597: In over a century of existence, the outpost of Millendrahn struggles to become self-sufficient. It is too far from the Kingdom to rely on regular trade. The Kingdom is unable to provide consistent military defense to the outpost.
  • 2597: During the Fourth Galactic War, the Tribal Accord offers to join the Planetary Union and the Kingdom in their war against the Sklorno Dynasty in exchange for exclusive rights to the planet and its moons.
  • 2600: Harrah christen the planet "Mathara."

Population Demographics

  • Mathara is 98% Harrah. The remaining 2% is made up mostly of HeavyG miners who live in pressure domes on the planet's surface.
  • Populations of Mathara's moons:
    • Millendrahn (total population under 4 million) is roughly 50% Harrah, 40% Whitokian, 8% Dolphin and 2% Aqus.
    • Shimonahn (total population under 2 million) is 95% Harrah, 5% other.
    • Wiollahn is unpopulated.

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