Messal the Efficient

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Messal the Efficient
Book(s) The Rookie
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Chief of Staff for Gredok the Splithead
Species Quyth Woker
Fan Name No

Messal the Efficient is a major character in Scott Sigler’s series The Galactic Football League. The worker is the Chief of Staff for Ionath Krakens owner Gredok the Splithead.


Messal has black fur, as-yet unblemished by the white of age. He prides himself on immaculate clothing. He wears fine jackets and pants typical for a Worker of his elevated station. As the official representative of Gredok the Splithead, he must always present as a polished and refined underling.

From "The Rookie

Next to the cart stood a Quyth worker wearing a neat blue jacket. Quentin thought the Worker looked rather like a bellboy or a doorman at some of the fancier Purist Nation hotels.


Messal is an exceptional planner and organizer. He is known for his ability to procure items — whatever you need, Messal can get.

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