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The Mining Colony VI Raiders is a team of that participates in the Purist Nation Football League (PNFL) within Tier 3 of the Galactic Football League (GFL).


The Mining Colony VI Raiders, often referred to as the Micovi Raiders, is owned by Stedmar Osborne who pays tribute to his Quyth Shamakath, Gredok the Splithead. Stedmar discovered the Raiders greatest player, Quentin Barnes, by chance when traveling through a mining community. Recognizing his talent, Stedmar plucked Barnes from poverty and elevated him to the starting quarterback of the Raiders. Barnes subsequently lead the Raiders to the Tier 3 championship game and won it all. Barnes would later become the first Purist Nation quarterback to win a Tier 2 championship.

Team Criteria

As the Micovi Raiders are part of the Purist Nation Footbal League (PNFL), the team is comprised entirely of human players. This due to the fact that the Purist religion does not condone the existence of non-human lifeforms. The refusal of Purists to even coexist with other species or beings makes it impossible for the football teams within the PNFL to have non-human players.

This criteria is important because both Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams allow non-human players who are often twice the size and weight of a PNFL player. PNFL players who wish to progress to Tier 1 or Tier 2 teams are often unprepared for the size and speed of upper tier players and are therefore at a significant disadvantage.


The Raiders stadium is named Micovi Memorial Stadium. The field was made of iron rich mud topped with Carsengi grass. Carsengi grass proved to be tough turf, having a rough feeling and the smell fo salt water. The stadium employed atmosphere processors that caused a low hum in the air.

Tier 3 GFL Competitors

As part of the PNFL, the Mining Colony VI Raiders played against eleven other teams. The table below lists these competitors.

Team Species Affiliation Home Planet / Facility
Mining Colony VI Raiders Human Purists Mining Colony VI (Micovi)
Buddah City Crosses Human Purists Buddah City
Nation Outland Fleet Corsairs Human Purists Battlestation "Golden Flare"
Shokess Holy Stars Human Purists Solomon
Purist Nation Army Devout Human Purists Allah
Stewart's Landing Chosen Human Purists Stewart
Mining Colony VII Bulls Human Purists Mining Colony VII
Chastady Monks Human Purists Allah
Mecca Pilgrims Human Purists Allah
Cooper City Priests Human Purists Stewart
Yang Pass Humble Human Purists Mason
Stahn Defenders Human Purists Mason


PNFL games were one of the few legal forms of entertainment on Micvoi and were therefore extremely popular. Games were broadcast via multiple methods, including but not limited to the following:

  • Radio: Radio Translate channel 645.6TL The Fan
  • TV broadcast and Holocast: Channel 15 Promise Land Sports Network

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