Mopook the Sneaky

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Mopook the Sneaky
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode Seventeen
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Mob Lieutenant
Species Quyth
Fan Name No

Mopook the Sneaky is a character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Mopook is a lieutenant in Gredok the Splithead Organized crime syndicate.

Character Background

A Quyth Leader and underworld figure. Owner of a nightclub, the Bootleg Arms, in Ionath City, and a GFL bookie. Most of Mopook's role in the The Rookie is Donald Pine's Debtor. In 2677 Pine lost a great deal of money betting on a Jacks game against the To Pirates in the semi-finals of the Tier 1 Championships. Owing money and with no additional assets to pay his debts, Pine began to throw games. This was the start of what would become Pine's reputation of "not being able to win the big games."

By the time of the 2682 season, Pine still owed 4 million credits to Mopook. It was at this time that Quentin Barnes found out how much Pine owed and he and his teammates resolved to settle his debt. After a confrontation in the Bootleg Arms, Mopook was forced to accept the payment for Pine's debt. Unfortunately this was not the end of the Mopook's role in the novel as when Gredok found out about Pine's debt he horrifically had Mopook eaten alive by shushuliks in his own bar.