Orbiting Death

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OS1 Orbiting Death
Logo OrbitingDeath.jpg
Team Colors Black, Metalflake Red & Blue
Planet Orbital Station One
System Quyth Concordia
Stadium Beefeater Gin Stadium
Field Color Black with White lines
Team Owner Anna Villani
2682 Record
2683 Record
2684 Record T1 5-7
2685 Record T1 8-4 (P)
R- Relegated; P-Playoffs; C-Champ

The OS1 Orbiting Death is a Tier 2 Galactic Football League (GFL) team mentioned within the storyline of the novels The Rookie and The Starter by author Scott Sigler.



Position Name
Owner Anna Villani


The Orbiting Death is part of the Quyth Irradiated League and as such, plays against the Ionath Krakens .

The team name derives from their location. Their home feild,Beefeater Gin Stadium, is on Orbital Station One which is a vast space station in the Quyth Concordia and is also known as the "Ace".

Beefeater Gin Stadium

Beefeater Gin Stadium is in the city of Madderch. It is a round stadium where the first two rows of seats are actually below the city's surface level. The seats of the stadium rise so high above the field of the stadium that the field appears impossibly tiny and distant. The field's playing surface is jet black with white lines. It is this color scheme which lead to the stadium's nickname. Among locals it was called "The Black Hole" however rivals referred to it as "The Ace Hole".

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