P.U.V. Gilchrist

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PUV Gilchrist
Serving Planetary Union
Type Heavy Cruiser
Laid down
Status Decommissioned
Nickname n/a
Books(s) The Crypt Book 1

The PUV Gilchrist is a Heavy Cruiser in the Planetary Union Navy.


During The Battle of Asteroid X7 the PUV Gilchrist was first to respond to a distress call from the PUV Blackmouth which was under attack from Purist Nation forces. When the Gilchrist arrived, Nation marines had taken control of the Blackmouth, and blasted the Gilchrist with a surprise salvo that nearly crippled the vessel and led to the death of 50 percent of the crew on the Gilchrist. Captain Williams of the PUV Gilchrist made the decision to abandon the Blackmouth, saving the Gilchrist and what remained of its crew. Soon after, reports filtered out that the Nation marines raped and butchered the crew of the Blackmouth, earning the vessel the nickname “The Rape Ship.”

Notable Judgments

As a result of The Battle of Asteroid X7, several notable judgements were made for crimes committed during the battle.

  • Antwone Williams - Captain Williams was charged with and found guilty of three serious crimes that were punishable by death, although Williams' action saved his ship and half of his crew. He was initially sentenced by Admiral Boock to Execution by Venting but was given an alternative sentencing of serving a two year tour on the PUV James Keeling at his existing position which he declined in favor of death.

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