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Passenger was originally released in August 2007 as a short story in the Bloodcast Season 1 podcast compilation released by author Scott Sigler.


The story takes place in The Rookie Universe, several hundred years before Quentin Barnes and the Ionath Krakens story in The Rookie and it's sequel The Starter. It depicts a runaway outbreak of semi-sentient nano robots that hijack human bodies. The outbreak stems from a League of Planets research laboratory. So far as is known the nano robots are only capable of infecting and controlling human bodies.

In episode ten of "The Crypt", AWOL Planetary Union Marine Pippa Remic recalls a service wide alert to be on the look out for Passenger Med. That outbreak is subsequent to the initial outbreak referenced in this story and implies either the outbreak spread beyond League of Planets territory or The League believed that containment breach was highly likely and took the pre-emptive initiative to alert their allies and or enemies of the danger.

Episode Downloads

Episode Number Download Link Podcast Date
Passenger Part 1 Download August 29, 2007
Passenger Part 2 Download September 10, 2007
Passenger Part 3 Download September 25, 2007

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