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Pongo is the simian assassin of Josh Athanas.


Details of Pongo's storied history are sparse with brief glimpses of his past life being revealed as time progresses.

The Beginning

The mystery of how tendrils of Athanas and Pongo's lives became intertwined was recently revealed by Athanas. He was quoted as saying,

Pongo is from a long family line of ordained primate assassin servants! He was bequeathed to me after my grandfather saved Pongo’s great grandfather off the coast of Borneo many years ago when someone set up Mr. Hairy Buns (look, I don’t name ‘em, ok?) to take the fall for something a rogue orangutan had done.
-Athanas, as revealed on July 9, 2010

The Master

Fan AthanasMaster.jpg

The legendary master of Pongo is none other than the devoted junkie, Josh Athanas, whose avatar is pictured at the left. This dedicated junkie can be found as an active member on the official Scott Sigler website forums under the user name of athanas.

The Present

Pong's plethora of assassination skills are usually reserved for his Master, however Pongo has been known to lend his services abroad to the Liberate Apes Before Imprisoning Apes movement. Pongo is not above altruism.

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