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Quyth is the home planet of the Quyth race and the capital of the Quyth Concordia. Quyth has the distinction of being one of the few planets in the known galaxy not under the control of the Creterakian empire. Ionath is also the home of the Quyth Survivors the Tier 2 GFL Football team which plays the Ionath Krakens in week eight of the regular season of the Quyth Irraidated Conference in Scott Sigler's Novel The Rookie.


Quyth is the starting planet for the Quyth Race. Yet despite this level of importance, Not much is mentioned regarding the planet itself. The Planet is severely overpopulated; at the time of the novel Quyth had a population of over 72 Billion sentients. This overpopulation is an important part of Quyth History as it is the spark that set off the great Quyth expansion. Starting with vast Orbital Space stations like the Ace, Deuce, and Trice, The Quyth Eventually went on to colonize irradiated worlds of Whitok, Ionath, Gritchlik and Chikchik.

During the Creterakian Takeover of the galaxy, the Quyth moved their mobile Space stations to Quyth for Protection against the Creterakian menance. With the amazing industrial capacities of the space stations at the planet's Disposal, the planet Quyth was able to survive the fate of most other populated planets across the galaxy. This bold move allowed Quyth to be the only planet in the Quyth Concordia which is not irradiated. This is an advantage for the Quyth as Quyth Biology requires water for for reproduction. With the Exception of the Orbital Stations, Quyth is the only planet which allows the Quyth to breed in the open as is natural for their species.

Quyth Stadium

Quyth Stadium is the home of the Quyth Survivors. Not much information is given about Quyth Stadium except for the color scheme which is fluorescent orange grass with black numbers and lines.

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