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A list of words in the Quyth language that are used in the GFL series.

  • Chaltegath: A ceremonial sword.
  • Chaltegin: Roughly equivalent to a Human wedding ceremony.
  • Gibbeljuwance: A hormone involved in Quyth reproduction.
  • Hisintik: An element in gibbeljuwance. Too much hisintik can cause a fatal reaction when gibbeljuwance is ingested.
  • Okrallin: traitor
  • Shamakath: A Leader to whom Warriors, Workers and other Leaders swear allegiance.
  • Shushilik: A carnivorous, insectile invertebrate. Swarms of them are used to strip flesh from bones. Candied, they are a delicacy.
  • Yakochat: Translates to "piece of filth"


  • Chochank: Herbivorous land animal..
  • Candishil: Aquatic creature, similar to an Earth squid.
  • Githwert: Pets, similar in societal function to dogs. They are also cultivated as a food source.
  • Khooses: Vertebrate freshwater animal.
  • Shookora: Boneless eel-like creatures, a delicacy among Dolphins.