Roughland Ridgebacks

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The Roughland Ridgebacks are a Dinolition team based on Wilson 6 in the League of Planets.

Home Stadium

Smithwick's Arena


Poughkeepsie Pete

Ian Bahas

Critter Clark


Tony Koester

Rob Stikz

Administration Personnel

Sue Baiman

Sue "Doc" Baiman is the team veterinarian, responsible for the health and well-being of the mounts.

Salton the Grimy

Dalton the Grimy is the owner of the Roughland Ridgebacks

Luscious Buhari

Luscious Buhari is the team armorer. She rarely has any work to do, because the riders take such particular care of their own armor.

Jared Archer

Jared is the Veterinary Technician, who assists Doc Baiman.


The mounts of the Ridgebacks team are all dinosaurs, brought back to life through the effort of Team Owner Salton the Grimy, League Commissioner Rachel Guestford and Team doctor Sue Baiman.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • Bess

Beishanlong Grandis

  • Dusty

Gallimimus Bullatus

  • Missy

Achillobator Gigantus

  • Tumult (deceased, killed in a 2682 match with the Reef Stompers)
  • Birdy
  • Bandit
  • Bucky


  • Yar


  • Jerry


  • Bushy
  • Sidney
  • Foster
  • Boomerang (infant, deceased)

Non-Combat Dinos

In addition to the mounts that participate in the game, there are a few other dinosaurs that are owned by the Ridgebacks organization.

Procompsognathus (Compys)

  • Snortle
  • Melly
  • Chippy


  • Bossie (Jerry's mother)