Sacha "Sammy" Burzon

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Sacha "Sammy" Burzon is an ancillary character in the rough draft version of the novel Nocturnal by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode one of the audio version of Nocturnal.

Character Background

Sammy is a Criminalist with the San Francisco Police Department. He accompanies SFPD Homicide Detectives "Pookie" Chang and Bryan Clauser on the scenes of the gang murders that have been affectionately termed the "Piss Man" cases. He is on site for both the aftermath of the LiPo Lounge attack and the Alex Panos murder scene. Sammy is also romantically interested in Robin Hudson and asks her out on a date in episode three.



The full name of the character is Sacha Burzon, however he is frequently referred to by his colleagues with the nickname of Sammy.

Outward Appearance

Sammy is described as being handsome and rugged by SFPD Medical Examiner, Robin Hudson.


Sammy has a quick wit and a good natured and slightly sarcastic sense of humor. Robin Hudson describes Sammy as perceptive, particularly because he catered to her near obsessive love of her dog when asking her out on a date.


Sammy is an excellent Criminalist and is known to methodically cover a crime scene by slowly walking a path through the scene, searching for evidence. He is described as being extremely focused while in this investigative mode.