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CGI design of the Sacred Cow by Kevin Capizzi
Sacred Cow is a horror short story by American author Scott Sigler, released on September 19, 2006 as the fourth episode in season one of the serialized podcast named Bloodcast.


There’s a fine line between absent-minded genius and idiot savant. For Gordo Gordon, crossing that line is a daily battle. Gordo invents a Prayer-O-Meter, measuring the previously unknown energy people give emit when they prey. Gordo, and his guardian Father Al Rodriguez, make a massive discovery using Gordo’s invention. The discovery involves religion, and worshipers and the dark secret of what really happens to all supplications of the faithful.

Video Adaptation

Stranger Things advert for Sacred Cow

In early 2007, Sacred Cow was selected by Earl Newton for the premiere film of Stranger Things, a high definition vidcast. Stranger Things is the first sci-fi anthology vidcast in history and the first television series syndicated in Second Life. In 2008, Stranger Things won the 2008 Parsec Award for Best Sci-fi Video Podcast. Quality writing, acting and production by the cast and crew of Stranger Things, on par with network television productions, brought Sacred Cow to life.

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