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Siglerism is an open religion that welcomes all people and encourages members to study all the writings of the founder Scott Sigler. There is no central book of faith like other religions but a collection of writings and audio files that are devoured, studied and discussed in depth by the faithful.


Devout members refer themselves and other followers as "Junkies". There is a central core of the most devout believers who frequently post to the central repository of all things Sigler at The faithful are rewarded with "crack hits" for adding to the content of the site and a chosen few are given badges which are worn with pride. The goal of all junkies is to be killed in one of the sacred texts or to achieve the ultimate level of Junkie nirvana by becoming a recurring or central character in the Siglerverse.


The Leader of Siglerism actively seeks the opinions, ideas and expertise of his following to improve upon the writings of the faith.